Importance of books

Why Read Books?

"Reading is to the Mind, what Excercise is to the Body"

Despite the inroads in digital technology, books still have relevance in contemporary society. The only thing that changes is the dissemination platform; otherwise, the knowledge one gets from the books is immeasurable.

Reading a book changes your mindset and equips you with knowledge and a way of thinking.

Different schools of thought on the same concepts widen your cognitive development for an individual’s overall growth.

Everyone should always have a book at their disposal for pleasure and knowledge acquisition.

We are here to demystify all myths and traditions about books and equip you with reading skills for your emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

The kind of book you read dictates the knowledge base. With internet access, it is vital to sync the book at hand, especially for children.

Easy access to explicit content in the name of books erodes a child’s mind, including adults.

Why You Should Read Books?
Develops your empathy ability
As you read a novel, you get a different character with different experiences and environments. You have no control over what they are going through, but you can only empathize with them. The imaginary empathy you have directly affects your ability to empathize with situations in your daily lives.
Promotes brain activity
A lot happens in the brain when you read and synchronize the content of a book. The more you do it, the more the brain muscles adjust to the new regular strengthening the brain muscles. The brain is the engine of the body. Once its equipped with the right knowledge and its physical development also enhances, then you enhance your intelligence quotient (IQ).
Promotes good sleep
Since you practice calmness and a high level of tranquillity by reading books, your brain gets relaxed, making you have a good sleep. Try reading a book some minutes to bed and have the joy of sweet sleep.
Reduces stress and depression levels
It doesn't matter the kind of stress you have, whether at work or home or life challenges. When you bury yourself in an engaging book, you get encouraged and motivated to face life as it comes with positivity.
Strengthens your cognitive ability
Your brain cells are active in any book you read, and you tend to memorize the recent characters, which supports cognitive thought and development. Moreover, different authors have different ways of putting a similar concept; continuous book reading develops your analytical skills, exploring your daily life.
Controls your emotions
The fact that you can sit and concentrate doesn't mean you have anything else you can do. It's only that you choose to read; that's a virtue that helps you manage your emotions. Since it reduces stress and depression levels, you have a better chance of fully controlling your emotions.
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Different kind of books you should read

As much as you are a vivid book reader, you can’t be a jack of all trades; instead, you need to be specific.

The world of books has different genres; your passion pushes you to the right kind of cooks.

Here is a sleek preview of what’s available in the market


Adventure books focus on personal excitement based on characters and are mostly in a natural and real setup. It looks at solving societal issues.

• Classics

Classic books are designed to serve a specific generation with stories from all aspects of life. They are popular and can be read by all ages.

• Comic

Are you a creative artist? Comic books should be your genre, for they involve humour and the use of art and illustration to bring out the theme. Pictorial presentations speak volumes in this kind of book.

• Mystery

Crime scenes and specific solutions, whether real or fictitious, are in these genres of books. Protagonists mostly read them.

• Horror

Characters dealing with supernatural powers and scary tales are found in horror books. They have unrealistic expectations and wayward action that need a strong hard to endure imaginary scenes.

• Romance

All your love stories and romantic experiences are in romantic books. It gives you information about intimate stuff. Care should be taken when reading these books to accommodate various ages.

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