4 Reasons Why Authors Should Try Playing Shuffleboard During Their Break From Writing

Have you heard of a writer’s block? This is a situation common among authors whereby they reach a saturation point. This is the point they cannot think anymore and the way to alleviate this is the best thing is to play shuffleboard to stimulate creativity and overcome writer’s block. Shuffleboard is a brain game that allows the player to use both psychomotor and cognitive skills to reason and get the right fit for the sake of a win. You have to devise means of allowing you to remain relevant since writing books is now into a competitive situation.

You cannot just write throughout the day and night. At one point you need to have a break to rejuvenate and even allow the mind to unwind. This helps you to look at issues from another perspective for the sake of critical thinking. The question now is, what do you do when you are on a break? Shuffleboard is among the best activity to engage your mind for the following four reasons.

Enhance creativity and cognitive development

Creativity is part of a writer and it does not come naturally. It is a skill you develop depending on what you engage your mind daily. Shuffleboard is a game that has rules but the formula of play depends on how you learn your opponent’s weaknesses, you capitalize them and hit to have a win. This is the same skill you need to transfer to the writing profession. You have to think of a plot that will entice the readers and glue them to the storyline.

Allows the body and mind to relax

After many hours of thought and putting the ideas together in literature, it is now time to relax but still, you have to engage in an activity that will enhance the writing skill. Shuffleboard is the best activity for you to unwind and relax both the body and mind when you have reached the saturation point.

Promotes both physical and emotional health

As much as we struggle to make a living, we need to take care of the physical body which also has an impact on the emotional body. This is the game for you. After the long sitting hours, then you have time now to move around to enhance body fitness.

Increases social interaction

An author is one person who has a poor social life. If one does not take care by engaging in activities that enhance social interaction then one becomes an introvert by acquisition. This is a game that is not like a computer game, you have to play with other human players. Before you notice, you have engaged yourself in a shuffleboard social club to enhance your social skills. Shuffleboard is the best game for a writer for it complements the lonely life that is common among the authors. Besides, it makes sure that the writer has a quality life now that it handles the physical, emotional and social health.