5 Ways Authors Can Increase Their Audience Using Digital Tools

Writing a book requires a sober and stable mind with so much time and money involved.

The worst of it is the headache of going through the publishing process. Unlike other careers where you can choose to delegate to hasten the process, authoring a book is your sole responsibility.

 It’s the dream of every author to have unlimited followers and lovers of their books. It’s a goal that doesn’t come automatically; so many marketing strategies go on behind the scenes to reach that level.

The older generations can tell you the hassle of being a renowned author. People in the digital generation have a smooth ride in book publishing. 

Online tools come in handy to help in various ways. But still, you need to have the right tools to control a high audience share in the digital market.

Increasing your audience is all about objective marketing. As you strive to do that, understand where your target audience hangs around in the online streets.

You may have the best strategy but with the wrong target. You end up using a lot of money but still have a minimal audience for your book.

Here is a list of the essential digital devices for every author according to their functions

  • Digital hosting tools
  • Graphics applications
  • Editing tools
  • Online task managers
  • Social media management tools

5 Ways Authors Can Increase Their Audience Using Digital Tools

1. Use reliable and efficient hosting companies

Hosting companies are like the landlords in the digital platforms. Your readers must know where to find you.

As you direct them to your online shops, you need flexible hosting companies with value-added services apart from the hosting function.

Just like you need to check on the physical location of a premise to gauge whether you can make profits or not; similarly, you need to check on several factors

  • Limitations that comes with the plans
  • Additional features opt-ins and add ons
  • The emails specification to support email marketing strategies
  • The prices vs. your budget
  • What is their area of focus?

With all these in mind, Godaddy and Bluehost take the lead as the best hosting company ideal for authors.

You have to choose one.

Therefore, at https://www.authorityautomation.com/bluehost-vs-godaddy-vs-hostgator/, we make a comparison with specific features to look out for when making the decision.

2. Create catchy graphics with relevant images

The book cover is the focal point of every reader. The choice of images decides whether a reader chooses to open the book or click on the next one to read, especially during this lockdown times.

The digital market has graphics tools relevant to support the course.

Did you know that just from the book cover, someone chooses to either read the book or not? It’s not the cover alone; a catchy title is also a plus.

With so many distractions in the digital space, a glimpse of a catchy title dictates the next action.

If enticing, then the next stop is the book cover; if it persuades him/her, you automatically have a new reader.

As if that is not enough, based on the content, the specific reader now goes an extra mile to the author.

That is where your website also has additional viewership. What else do you want to the book authoring business?

3. Focus on innovative ideas and use online tools for repetitive tasks

You can be in front of your computer doing the same thing over and over again. If that defines your lifestyle, then you are unproductive.

You are better off described as an analog author. Digital technology came as a savior to give you a chance to focus on creative ideas in the publishing business.

Scheduling tools replaced secretarial work, making you concentrate on business performance.

Most of your time should revolve around data analysis and checking on business performance.

Based on the results, it dictates the business direction.

With the online tools, your focus is on the new book now that there is public demand.

You don’t waste time on simple tasks that you can delegate to online scheduling and task management apps.

4. Run the book through editing tools before publishing

Who wants to read a book with spelling mistakes? Is it the content that is of interest or correcting grammatical mistakes?

Naturally, mistakes are too human. Even if you passed it through several human hands, along the way, one or two mistakes still get published.

Readers are funny.

They can use that simple spelling error to judge the nature of your work. With social media craze, that rubbishes your book.

The claims are valid now that there is proper evidence. You lose viewership. Editing tools came in handy as a savior in such cases.

You only need to set them to custom settings based on tone, target audience, readability score, among other personalized features that come with the tools.

It’s the simple things that matter among book readers to promote your business. It’s one area, you can’t afford to make silly mistakes.  

5. Make good use of social media platforms

Even corporate understand the power of social media in increasing their online presence.

The digital world is in such a way that everything is done in the comfort of people’s homes, thanks to smartphones.

Market your book through social media platforms. Go an extra mile and engage social media influencers for the same purpose.

Digital technology was the best expertise that came to unite people across the globe through web platforms.

As an author, you need to familiarise yourself with the available and efficient online tools to increase your audience. Those are your customers.