About Us

Founder, Mission, and Vision

Harvey J. Blanco

Harvey J. Blanco is the founder of Ann Stampler. Harvey is passionate about reading books. However, he felt concerned about social media and the internet craze that slowly erodes reading books for leisure.

Everyone is engraved on their phones, and a new generation is cropping where they don’t even have a home library but have books on their digital gadgets.

They easily get distracted with digital communication tools such that reading a book isn’t a priority.

If not, I want to stop and educate the public through this bog to embrace book reading for its benefits.

I target to read a book per week, and that’s the passion I need to extend to all fans and followers.


We educate, empower and encourage book readers to enjoy knowledge acquisition through content.

We want to incorporate online tools for the benefits of our objective for support in this noble course.


To be a leading blog for advocating for traditional ways of reading books despite the digital technology craze.