Most Recommended Books To Read While In The Toilet

While sitting on the toilet as we all know, going to the toilet is an essential part of everyday life, however, there will be times when we need extended period sitting on the loo and need something to occupy our constantly curious minds. This article will list some of the best books to read to burn down the time attending to the call of nature.


Dogs Hanging Out of Windows
If you are a true dog lover, then what better way to spend the time reading a book consisting of a whole variety of dogs doing the common things that they do. There’s a whole host of dogs featured, from bulldogs to Labradors to Dalmatians. You may even get ideas of activities you’d like to see your own dog do (if you have or want one).

Baking Bad
Sitting on the loo, if you are an avid baker, then Baking Bad is the book especially for you. The book from Walter Wheat is inspired by the blockbuster hit series Breaking Bad and gives extremely intriguing recipes for baking some rather unique cakes. It is also satirical and will certainly give you different insights.

Most of us in the world are sports fans, so we’re likely to enjoy ourselves with a sports-based book on the loo. Sportographica will prove to be a stimulating challenge full of interesting questions from soccer to a cross. It is also presented in a graphic-led format, making it both aesthetically pleasing and a good source of knowledge.

The Experts’ Guide to 100 Things Every Person Should Know How to Do
If you want to take your general knowledge to the next level during a simple visit to the bathroom, then this title by Samantha Ettus is exactly what you need. The book is jam-packed with short instructional essays on a huge range of topics written by leading experts. Essay topics include “How to Remove a Stain” by Linda Cobbs and even “How to Negotiate” by the current US President himself Donald Trump. It is a highly recommended read, especially if you just want to burn time on the toilet.

Hyperbole and a Half
If you are simply looking for a book to make you laugh while you do your business, then this book by Allie Brosh could be what you need. Brosh masterfully creates extremely amusing illustrations of the issues we as adults face on a daily basis, such as how to maintain our crash diet or how to deal with the annoying work colleague. If your mission is to laugh out loud on the loo, then this book is sure not to disappoint.

Archie Comics
A significant chunk of bathroom readers love to read comics in the bathroom. If that’s your thing, then Archie Comics are highly recommended. The stories created are succinct, interesting and funny. They are similar to the more traditional comics of Marvel and DC, but more suited if you are a fan of more simple storylines, making them an ideal read while on the toilet.
All in all, there is a great deal of variety when choosing a book to read on the toilet, so you will never be bored whilst relieving yourself ever again!

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