Ping Pong Books

How we found the best ping pong table? There are many books which describe the game of table tennis and how to select the best tables, rackets and other necessary items needed for playing the game. The information for the best ping pong table was obtained from one of these books. Some of the best table tennis or ping pong tables are

• Butterfly Compact
• Stiga Advantage
• Dunlop Evo 8500
• Joola Tour 2500
• Butterfly Europa 25
• Killerspin Revolution
• Kettler Classic 10
• Joola Outdoor

Lots of books are available in the market targeting the table tennis or ping pong lovers. There are books on every aspect of the game, which include the tactics of the game, history, psychological aspects of the game, tactics to be followed, and books on personal improvement and so on.
There are many must-read books about Ping Pong. Few of those books are detailed below:

• Table Tennis: Steps to Success
Author: Richard McAfee

This is a highly recommended book for learning the techniques about table tennis. The book describes the movements, basic strokes, returning services, grip and many techniques to be followed. These descriptions are supported by clear pictures.

• Breaking 2000
Author: Alex Polyakov

A must read the book for any amateur Ping Pong Player. The author is a highly ambitious tennis player who has written his experience while chasing his dream. The book is about the process to be followed in the game, the training details about the game, and his experience from various matches.

• Bounce
Author: Matthew Syed

A great book worth reading, written by the tennis legend Matthew Syed which describes the techniques involved in the game. The author has shared his experiences about the game in the book. This book does not take the readers into the technical aspects. It takes the reader through the practical experiences of the author and motivates the readers that anything is achievable.

• Expert in a Year: The Ultimate Table Tennis Challenge
Author: Sam Priestly/Ben Larcombe

Sam Priestly was a great and famous tennis player. He has written the book along with his coach and best friend Ben Larcombe

• Ping Pong for Fighters
Author: Tahl A Leibovitz

The books provide the reader the experience on how it feels like when playing the table tennis like a top-rated tennis player. It describes the philosophy of table tennis.

• Get Your Game Face On Like the Pros
Author: Dora Kurimay and Kathy Toon

The book provides the readers the tips to be followed and the techniques to be kept in mind through the training phase of the game and while playing the competitive matches. The books present the tips and techniques one should follow to be mentally tough.

Few other books which are a “must read “to the Ping Pong Fans include
• Revelations of a Table Tennis Champion written by Dan Seemiller
• Table Tennis: Skills, Techniques, and Tactics wrote by Jenny Heaton
• Ping Pong Fever: the Madness That Swept 1902 America written by Steve Grant
• Winning at Table Tennis with Desmond Douglas written by Desmond Douglas
• Kung-Fu Table Tennis wrote by Allen Chinn
• The Spirit of Pong written by Larry Hodges
• The Mighty Walzer was written by Howard Jacobson
• 100 days of Table Tennis: Get your daily dose of Table Tennis Advise written by Samson Dubina